Sustainable Unibody Tubes reduce raw materials and carbon production

Sustainable Unibody Tubes 3 panel

  Unibody Tubes

Integrated molding
Integrated recycling
No additional heading
No additional cap
Plastic reduction

Illing Packaging develops and offers Unibody Tubes. By conjoining the cap, with integrated molding, and no additional heading, Unibody Tubes reduce the usage of plastic raw materials, replacing traditional tube molds with a heading thread then paired with an additional cap.  The Unibody Tube uses 20% less plastic than a standard tube with a flip top cap.

Unibody Tubes can be integrated into standard recycling streams and help reduce carbon production.

  • The cap can be orientated with the artwork to ensure the thumb tab on the cap is centered with the front panel artwork.
  • We can add a shrink sleeve around the cap to provide a tamper-evident package.
  • Entire body (tube and cap) are 100% polypropylene.
  • MOQ is 10K per artwork.

We currently have 19mm, 22mm, 30mm, 35mm oval, 38mm, 40mm and 50mm diameter tubes.

100 Recyclable