Illing Packaging offers refillable packaging solutions

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  Refillable Packaging


Creating innovative refillable packaging solution is an effective means of acting sustainably. Replaceable and Refillable packaging options are an excellent way to achieve sustainability without sacrificing efficacy and aesthetics. Illing Packaging offers many types of replaceable and refillable bottles and jars, pails and containers.

Refillable packaging allows users to continue using a product by replacing the contents in an item’s original packaging. This is highly convenient and reduces the waste and energy needed to manufacture new packaging, reducing the negative impact on the environment. Purchasing a refill instead of a new product can save 70% CO2, 65% energy, and 45% water use.

Reusable containers contribute to the goal of establishing a circular economy, an economic model for production and consumption that aims to share, reuse, refurbish, and recycle materials and products for as long as possible. Brands are ensuring their packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible by understanding the impact of the product on the environment, from concept to the consumer.

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