Letters of Love: Illing Packaging Spreads Joy with Letters For An Elder Event

Illing Packaging recently celebrated Letter for an Elder Day by getting together with coworkers for cookies and connections! Did you know there’s a special day dedicated to writing letters to elders? It’s true! Monday, February 26th was National Letter to an Elder Day and Illing wanted to get in on the action!

Many elderly individuals face the challenge of being homebound, unable to engage in the social interactions that are essential for their well-being. Some may lack nearby family members or the means to communicate via modern technology.

Sending letters to seniors offers a meaningful opportunity to brighten their days, share smiles, and uplift their spirits.

Illing Packaging teamed up with Love For Our Elders, an organization dedicated to fighting loneliness with love, one letter at a time. Learn more about Love For Our Elders here.


A group of Illing Packaging employees joined forces to compose more than a dozen thoughtful letters destined for elderly individuals across the United States. The experience of connecting with retired Army veterans, skillful birdhouse painters, expert crocheters, and passionate cat aficionados was truly rewarding to share joy and bring light to their day! Thank you to all of the employees who stopped out to pen kind and loving letters and thank you to Illing Packaging for hosting such a caring event to support the elderly!