Increasing the Use of PCR in Your Packaging

  What is “Clean” PCR?


Many companies have shifted their priorities towards sustainability and are monitoring their environmental footprint.  The mountain to get over is the lack of supply and availability of ‘clean’ PCR resin grades – grades that are free of contaminants and odors.

ReciLoc™ technology helps companies increase the use of recycled materials by enabling the safe use of more polyolefin post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) in their packaging. ReciLoc protects products and the environment by locking in contaminants and odors commonly found in PCR packaging. ReciLoc reduces the risk of product contamination by the packaging, while expanding the available supply chain for PCR resins and maintaining product and brand integrity.

ReciLoc™ technology will help many companies meet their PCR goals and commitments, while finding a second life for many tons of plastic.