ILLING Packaging Received 3 Medals at the 2022 NACD Packaging Awards Competition

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity of mixing business with pleasure! ILLING Packaging sent 2 of their dedicated packaging specialists to the beautiful Amelia Island in Florida, where they were met with sandy beaches, gorgeous island views, riveting speakers, and delightful conversation with other packaging professionals across the packaging industry!  While at the NACD (National Association of Container Distributors) Packaging Awards competition, ILLING Packaging was thrilled to take home a Silver medal and 2 Bronze medals!

Award Winners:

Contract Sample Display Kit

Our customer was looking for a sample kit that could be sent direct to contractors for displaying and testing various floor finishes. The sample kit needed to be fully functional, handle well in transit, and look stylish and upscale for customer sampling. We were able to collaborate and create a sleek branded black boxed sample kit complete with 6 full-sized floor finishing samples in labeled 16oz PET jars with black caps and assorted fan decks of combinations. The sample kits are sent to contractors to display and test various floor finishes. Samples can be customized to the color and materials a contractor chooses. A fan deck is also included with all combinations and finishes available. Box is easily shipped and converted into a quick display for customers.


NACD 2022 Winner - Contract Sample Display Kit


Tomcat Mole & Gopher Bait

Our customer retails mole and gopher bait in a very specific package due to the application of the product. The package is a long bottle with a cone point on the top. Consumers poke the bottle into active mole or gopher tunnels to provide pest control. We were able to create a custom mold for our customer to use and provide in-house shrink sleeve application to the bottle for a one-stop shop.


NACD 2022 Winner - Gopher Bottle

Harley Davidson Vehicle Car Kit

Our customer approached us with the need for a premium vehicle care kit to be sold at national dealerships. A co-manufacturer was handling the bottled care products and the brand was looking for a premium container with more shelf appeal and brand retention than a carton. We sourced three primary components for the bucket to enhance the kit: a robust screw-top lid, premium grit guard inserts to protect vehicle finish, and the 5 gallon wash pail. We selected the brand’s iconic color combination and decorated the package in-house with a custom full-color diecut weather-resistant label.


NACD 2022 Winner - Harley Davidson Vehicle Car Kit

Winning these packaging awards is something we strongly pride ourselves on at Illing Packaging.  It is a testament to our creative team of packaging specialists and our strong partnership and commitment to our customers.  We are so grateful to our customers for entrusting us to package their vision and look forward to another year of creating innovative packaging solutions for our customers!