Illing Packaging Makes a Splash by Donating Drums for local high school Rain Barrel Project

The Germantown High School is once again holding its 14th annual rain barrel silent auction, and ILLING Packaging is pleased to have supported this initiative by donating drums to this amazing cause!

It is a fun event that we enjoy contributing to each year.

The students in the Germantown Environmental Club and high school art students work on this auction to fundraise for various reasons, with this year’s donations going to pond and trail maintenance, greenhouse and courtyard clean up, and other projects at the Germantown High School.

Art students spend over 15 hours painting and decorating the rain barrels so that they are ready to beautify your outdoor space and start conserving water for your gardens!

Bidding is now open and the rain barrels are on display at Pick N Save, Sendik’s, and the Germantown Community Library until April 24th.

Bidding takes place online at until April 25th at 3PM.

Join us in making a drop towards this important cause and together, let’s create waves of change!!