ILLING Packaging Is Driven By Community Outreach

ILLING Packaging is excited to once again provide sponsorship for a local fundraiser with the West Bend Sunrise Rotary and Senior Citizens Activities, Inc.

The Classics for a Cause event is an annual fundraiser that West Bend Sunrise Rotary and Senior Citizens Activities, Inc host annually to raise funds for the local West Bend community.  Participants are able to purchase a raffle ticket in the hopes of winning a 2017 Z51 LT2 CORVETTE or they have the option of $40,000.00 cash option!

“Senior Citizens Activities, Inc. and West Bend Sunrise Rotary provide important services to help make Washington County, Wisconsin and the World a better place to live, work and play.”  This fundraiser helps provide fitness and wellness opportunities, social interactions, recreation activities, and community involvement for local adults 50+ in the nearby community. ILLING Packaging is proud to be able to donate to a fun community event that betters the lives of others locally.

Find out more about the Classics for a Cause fundraiser.


Classics for a Cause 2022