Thank you cards from Greenfield students

ILLING Packaging Donates Pails To Outdoor Exploration Course

Here at ILLING Packaging, we operate on the motto, “Family First. Have Fun. Create.”.  So when we were approached with donating some pails to the Greenfield School district for their outdoor exploration course, we knew we had to help out!  ILLING Packaging was pleased to donate dozens of pails for the students to use for nature science projects, seating, and carrying their outdoor gear.  In this class, kids were able to work on map making, learn to use a compass, and explore plant identification among other hands-on outdoor activities.  We were pleasantly surprised to receive back some letters from the happy campers.  Some of the children drew pictures of buckets, others wrote messages detailing how they decorated or used their bucket, and some made extra colorful “Thank You” cards.  We are blessed to enrich our community through donations such as this one.