ILLING Packaging Captured the “Most Wanted” Non-Perishable Donations for an Amazing Cause

We tasked our ILLING Packaging employees with helping us capture the “Most Wanted” Non-Perishable Donation items for an amazing cause with the Falls Area Food Pantry.  The pantry has a mission to gather and distribute nutritious food to those with acute or chronic need in the Menomonee Falls area.

Last year, we were humbled to be able to donate over 200 items to this amazing cause.  This year, we wanted to capture even more “Most Wanted” items and better serve our community.  We are thrilled to announce that our remarkable team of ILLING Packaging employees were able to pull together and capture over 320 “Most Wanted” goods for this year’s food drive!

“MOST WANTED” Items Captured:

  • Misc Canned Sauces, Veggies, & Fruits – 27 pieces
  • Canned Soups – 20 pieces
  • Boxed Pasta – 30 pieces
  • Rice – 11 pieces
  • Beans – 24 pieces
  • Condiments – 17 pieces
  • Canned Pasta – 15 pieces
  • Tuna – 12 pieces
  • Breakfast/Cereal – 18 pieces
  • Grocery Paper Bags – 142 pieces

Grand Total – 323 Donated Items


In addition to our own WI Headquarter food drive, we were also able to support the St Bonifice 5th Grade Faith Formation Class with their service project.  Throughout the year, the children were able to bring in their allowances and savings to pool together for a great cause.  Students then took their final savings and went grocery shopping.  The kids were able to purchase over $500 of groceries with their savings and the $250 match ILLING Packaging donated.  The non-perishable goods were donated to the local St Boniface Food Panty.  We are honored to have contributed to this amazing cause and are very proud of the students for their kindness and generosity.

We are forever grateful to our kind and caring employees who helped us with this important mission.  The reward of giving back to our community is truly a blessing we cherish!