NACD Silver 2021

ILLING Packaging Awarded Silver at the 2021 NACD Packaging Awards Competition

ILLING Packaging was thrilled to take home a Silver medal in the 2021 NACD (National Association of Container Distributors) Packaging Awards competition.  This was our 2nd consecutive year in a row being awarded a win at the competition and we are immensely prideful of this achievement.  What makes this award the most special to us, is that it touches on every component of our services here at ILLING Packaging.  This project started as sketches on paper and encompasses everything we do; from Design to Decoration to Delivery.

We were awarded a Silver award for our work on the DAP Rapid Fuse Ultra Clear All Purpose Adhesive in the Household Products category. Our customer came to us looking for a new package with a long list of key specifications in both form and function.  The bottle needed to be oval-shaped, clear polypropylene, must have ergonomic recesses in the sides of the grip area to create a nice hand feel, and be decorated using clear acetate front and back labeling. The closure needed to offer product control with a secured orifice that only released the liquid adhesive product when the bottle was squeezed. The cap was specifically designed to precisely fit the bottle, with the grip fins aligning with the sides of the bottle. The closure required a metal pin to plug the orifice and keep the product from drying out.  Creating a package that was different from the products currently found on the shelf was key in this design. The entire package needed to have a shorter profile than what is currently in the marketplace, to help with differentiation.  Although the list of requirements was great, the result was the perfect cap and bottle combination design for DAP’s new product line.  We are delighted that our customer was willing to trust us with such a complex and intricate project.  While being awarded a Silver win is truly amazing, having the customer’s full satisfaction and approval is even more rewarding.





Receiving this collaborative award with our partners was a proud accomplishment for ILLING Packaging.  We are excited to see what new, innovative and creative projects we can work on next!