Illing® Data Loggers Help Solve Issues With Supply Chain Conditions

Illing® Data Logger is the first affordable, cloud enabled, platform-independent smartphone logger ever to truly enable end-to-end supply chain logistics monitoring. Our loggers provide security and assurance that your product has arrived without being compromised. These loggers provide all of the pertinent information to protect your company, your brand and your consumer.  It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Attach & Ship

Receive & Scan

View Data


○ Use any smartphone with a camera and internet connection. No apps needed!

○ Data is instantly available as it is scanned.

○ View the data from any computer or smartphone at any time.

○ Reusable, recyclable and returnable.

○ Up to four year battery life.

○ Custom branding available.

○ All the most relevant data in one tag:


The intelligence and data is smart, but the process is EASY! See just how simple Illing makes it by contacting us today, or learn more about Illing Data Loggers now.