Illing AI Smart Packaging Bottle Scan

Illing® Company Presents AI Smart Packaging™

You may have heard us talk about ILLING® Company’s AI Smart Packaging™. Perhaps you were intrigued, but still unsure. Or maybe you had no idea what we were talking about. We’re ready to stop talking about it…and start showing you how it can be done!

Watch our quick introductory video to get all of the details. Our expert sales staff is ready to further discuss when you are!

Smart Packaging Capabilities:

■ Complete Traceability For Each Package
■ Product Authenticity & Expiration Verification
■ Customer Auto-Reorder Programs
■ 100% Inventory Visibility & Control
■ Instant Access To Product Data Specs
■ Brand Marketing & Loyalty Programs
■ Coupons & Discounts

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The opportunities are endless!
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