Illing Company Wins NACD Gold

Illing® Company Awarded NACD Gold For Smart Packaging Project

Illing® Company recently participated in the 2020 NACD (National Association of Container Distributors) Industry Packaging Awards for the first time ever and is pleased to have been awarded Gold!  The competition is very robust with a few key players typically dominating the award categories.  We are very proud to have secured a Gold medal for our floor design sample kit created for our long standing customer, Toriginol.  Our customer came to us with a goal to create a portable and aesthetically appealing display sample kit.  We were able to create a tube kit that can effectively be displayed on a counter top and is highly customizable to their product and color combinations.  It is also very easy to transport in a brief case or bag for customer presentations and events.  The individual jars are removable to allow for customized sample kits, whether it be a product mix or color combination kit.  To maximize the trade show experience, we added a custom Illing® Company AI Smart Packaging™ NFC tag to the bottom of the tube, which allowed quick access to Torginol’s website and sample request form with the touch of a phone.


We were honored to have been able to participate in the event this year and take home a 1st place win!  We have many new and exciting projects, designs, and innovations already in the works and can’t wait to submit even more award-winning packaging in the coming years for a chance to showcase our outstanding customers and what Illing can do to package your vision!