Offering renewable and 100% recyclable Green Polyethylene sugarcane packaging

Harvesting Sugar Cane

  Why Sugarcane?


Sugarcane is an example of a versatile and renewable crop that can be used as a clean source of energy and as a raw material for production of multiple products.

Illing Packaging has a product portfolio featuring several types of HDPE and LDPE sugarcane resins. These are particularly suitable for extrusion blow molding, injection molding and film extrusion.

Our Sugarcane tubes and bottles are made of green polyethylene made from Sugarcane, which is the result of investments in innovation and commitment to the environment. The sustainable development promoted by Green PE creates value for the industry’s production chain, for brand owners and for the planet. Green Polyethylene combines high performance and processability, and by using Green Polyethylene, we can offer unique products made from renewable resources that make a significant contribution to reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the chain.

100 Recyclable