Proudly Offering Certified Ocean Bound Plastic Supply Chain

Plastics in Ocean

  What is “Ocean Bound Plastic”?


Ocean bound plastic (OBP) is a term used to discuss the problematic plastic that is likely to wind up in the ocean. Most waste was not overtly destined for the ocean, but mismanagement within coastal regions may be responsible for a certain amount of spillover into these marine environments.

We can use ocean bound plastic and turn it into packaging with Post-Consumer Resins (PCR). By including the highest amount of recycled content that we can in each item, our tubes and bottles offer incredible environmental benefits. Because there is very little virgin raw material used in each tube and bottle, we save resources for other uses and divert material that was headed to the landfill by repurposing it into a new product. We are excited to give a second (or third) life to consumed containers and products.

Illing Packaging provides producers and brand owners with verified security that their packaging is part of the solution.